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Welcome to the webpage of World Memory Life Park, where memories come into new life!

My name is Vilmos Varju – the initiator of a revolutionary service that preserves nature and memories at the same time.

Anywhere in the world you can comfortably push a button and thus plant a memorial tree via the internet.

Thus we can leave an ecological mark of our beloved memories in the Life Park, where the chosen plants and memorial plaques will be placed in a beautiful environment.

See more details under the Plant a memorial tree menu!

Via a virtual park we can learn about the Life Park, the plants and the connected memories.

We aimed to create a highly charming environment where we can leave eternal marks of our role models for the future generations.

Under the voting menu we are looking for the role models of the world, who sacrificed a lot to make our world more liveable, better, and healthier.

A memorial tree will be planted for the memory of the deceased who receive the most votes at the end of the month.


Where are the memorial trees planted?

- The home of the Life Park is the picturesque Lake Somberek, where fishing and petting zoo are also offered to visitors, and newly built log houses provide accommodation there as well!

The memorial trees of the voted role-models will also be planted here, that is also reflected by the virtual park in the website.

The area is situated at the direct neighbourhood of the Busó (Mohács) and spas, furthermore a very popular wine region can be found near too. The area can be visited for free by the planters and their family members.


     - We expect interest in tourism and park building of those who could offer extendable land for establishing a new Park thus bringing the memory trees closer to planters.

Please write us under the contact menu, and make your municipality richer with a memory park!

 - We launch such a creation with our contemporaries that leaves a wonderful track on Earth for our grandchildren, opening a new way in the field of nature protection.

By visiting the Park you can see your chosen tree and memorial plaque of that we also send emails with pictures every year.

May live your memory worthily, for the happiness of a new world!

Planting my tree